5 Home Staging Secrets Most REALTORS ® Wont Tell You

Dated: 07/19/2016

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5 Home Staging Secrets Most Realtors Won't Tell You

If you’re like most people, you know that staging your home is incredibly important—particularly if you want it to sell quickly and at the right price.

But there’s more to staging than clearing your counters of clutter (say that five times fast!) and snapping a few pictures. Unfortunately, many Realtors® don’t share the best home staging secrets with their clients… and that ends up hurting everyone in the long run.

5 Home Staging Secrets Most Realtors Won’t Tell You

Staging is the ideal way to highlight your home’s best features and tone down its weaknesses. The idea is to appeal to the largest number of potential buyers so you can pull in offers and sell your home.

In order to do that, you need some expert advice on what appeals most to home buyers.

Home Staging Secret #1: Less is More… When it Comes to Furniture

Too much furniture can make your home appear cluttered. Typically, professional home stagers will remove furniture to make the house look bigger; in most cases, a minimalist look is best. Some of the most-removed items include:

Recliners and “comfy” chairs

Additional dressers

Mismatched footstools, end tables and coffee tables

You don’t have to get rid of all your excess furniture, but you should put it in storage until you’ve moved into your next home.

Home Staging Secret #2: Make Your Bathrooms (and Every Other Room) Look Like You Don’t Use Them

Invest in a set of brand-new towels.

Don’t use them.

Only put out your beautiful new towel sets when your Realtor is showing your home or holding an open house. Also, remove shampoo, soap, and other hygiene items from the bathrooms, and clean out your medicine cabinets (people will look). 

Let prospective buyers imagine their own favorite toiletries in your space—it’ll help you sell more quickly.

Home Staging Secret #3: Weed Out Your Clothes

If you’re getting ready to move, it’s a great time to go through your clothes and pull out everything you no longer wear. First, you’ll save time packing and save energy moving; second, you’ll be making your closets look much roomier. You can donate it, then write it off on your taxes.

If you have clothing that you only wear on special occasions, take it out of your closet and put it in storage. Even if your closet is exceptionally large and well-organized, it’s best to show that there’s plenty of room by not using it all.

Home Staging Secret #4: Don’t Neglect the Outside of Your Home

Potential buyers will start forming their opinion of your home before they even park the car—so you need to make sure you’re giving them the right first impression.

Pick up the yard, power-wash the driveway, and repair anything that needs it outdoors.

Studies have shown that people often drive by homes that interest them before they even request a showing, so be sure that yours makes its way to the top of prospective buyers’ lists by keeping the outdoors in great shape.

Home Staging Secret #5: Embrace the Season

When you're selling your home, make the most of what you have to work with. Beautiful summer blooms can make your porch blossom with color and so can the right autumn wreath (think blazing fall foliage) or charming, cozy winter décor.

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